Core quadrants, Salvador Trinxet

Core quadrants, Salvador Trinxet

Every person has certain core qualities that truly describe the ‘self. This core quality pervades every aspect of the individual’s life: words, feelings, deeds, values, etc. Stripped of all conscious and unconscious external protective and regulatory barriers of everyday life, your core quality describes ‘the real you’.

What is your core quality? The core quadrants model by Daniel Ofman (1992, 2001) can help you determine, describe and diagnose your core quality. While it is difficult to put a finger on exactly what your core quality is, it is easier when you look at it from different perspectives:

What is your major pitfall – too much of your core quality?

What is your biggest challenge – the opposite of your pitfall?

What is your allergy in terms of core qualities in others – the opposite of your core quality (and too much of your challenge)?

The core quadrant shows the different, yet interdependent, perspectives of your core quality. An understanding of and active consideration for these core qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies strongly increases efficiency and effectiveness in human interactions.

When to use it

What is your core quality? How does one determine the four elements of a core quadrant?

The power of this model is in the fact that it offers four perspectives on a ‘core quality’. Still, there are subtle differences. The same core quality may have slightly different pitfalls, challenges and allergies. For each indi­vidual, it is therefore important to specify the quadrants in greater detail.

Book title: Key management models

Author: Steven ten Have Wouter ten Have, frans Stevens and Marcel van der Elst with Fiona Pol- Coyne

ISBN:-10: 0-273-66201-5

ISBN-13: 978-0-273-66201-3

Editorial: Prentive Hall , Financial Times, Activity-based costing

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Core quadrants, Salvador Trinxet

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