Salvador Trinxet Llorca, customer marketing

Salvador Trinxet, Customer marketing and relationship management

There is more value to your customer than the current sale. If you can successfully identify your most valuable customers, acquire them, keep them, and grow their purchases, you will generate significantly more value than with one-size-fits-all approach.

Although many tools, bells and whistles are available today to imple­ment customer marketing and relationship management, the key success behind it seems to be in giving the customer the perception that he or she is recognized promptly and serviced appropriately through multiple, inte­grated interfaces. This requires strategically managing all interaction * with the customer through:

customer-driven, outside-in marketing strategy;

superior operations, systems and procedures to support the customer interface;

customer-focused values and culture (‘drive to deliver and delight’).

When to use it

Putting the practice of customer marketing and customer relationship man­agement to work is a well-discussed topic in today’s professional literature. We have chosen to highlight just a few of the most basic tools available.

The customer pyramid can be customized based on company-specific factors to reflect how the (future) customer and potential customer ba&. can be seen. Such factors usually include, but are not limited to turnover and profitability per customer. Different marketing tactics and tools can be applied based on this segmentation. Obviously, key customers and large potential customers get the best treatment.

Book title:Key management models

Author: Steven ten Have Wouter ten Have, frans Stevens and Marcel van der Elst with Fiona Pol- Coyne

ISBN:-10: 0-273-66201-5

ISBN-13: 978-0-273-66201-3

Editorial: Prentive Hall , Financial Times, Activity-based costing

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Salvador Trinxet, Customer marketing and relationship management

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